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  • If you would like to reproduce your original art, image capture is “THE MOST IMPORTANT” step to a quality reproduction. Avoid the mistake of photographing your art in one location, and printing in another — that is the surest way to disappoint all involved.


    To begin the process we need the image in our system.



    The original scan must take into consideration: hue, contrast, exposure and resolution. Our Epson Perfection V600 Photo scanner gives us the opportunity, not only to scan from transparencies, negatives, photographic prints or original artworks, but also to offer extraordinary quality and versatility with 6400 dpi. resolution and an earth-friendly LED light source for greater productivity.

    The final print is only as good as the digital capture.

    Larger Artwork is photographed with a 36 megapixel camera, capturing your art with impressive detail and an unmatched level of quality.


    Because it is sometimes space and time prohibitive to bring your images by hand or courier, you are able to easily up-load your images (up to 300 megs per image) from your computer.

    If printing in the Romeo Martin Photo Arts “PRINT SHOPPE”

    – Push any “PRINT SHOP” button

    – Fill in your name and email

    – Upload your image

    – For a better result we recommend an image already scaled to the desired size and a resolution of 300 dpi.

    – Write detailed note for each image in   dialog box

    – Select your size and treatment

    – Put it in your shopping cart

    – Close the deal with PayPal

    If printing from the Romeo Martin Photo Arts “IMAGE GALLERY”

    – Push any “IMAGE GALLERY” button

    – Select the images you wish

    – Write detailed note for each image in dialog box

    – Fill in client info sheet

    – Select your size and treatment

    – Put it in your shopping cart

    • Close the deal with PayPal

    If printing from Film or Slides

    – Select the images you wish

    – Put images in envelopes with detailed note for each image

    – Call us or just drop in…or

    – Go to “Email Us” or “Contact Us” button

    – Write us detailed note about your needs

    – We will reply with mailing directions


    This phase include the cropping, resizing, and/or colour correction (this service is included in the price) and is required in order to match your image as close as possible. We can not guarantee an exact match, but we will do everything possible to bring your images to life.

    If your image needs a major photoshop work, we also offer the service of “Photoretouch, Photorestoration, Editing and Major Colour Correction).

    For printings (works) on paper, we leave an extra 0.25″ white border to facilitate the mounting process. For Canvas printing we add 3″ for stretching purposes.


    Once the image is completely adjusted we apply the proper profile (depending on the colour desired). This process allows us to see exactly how the final printing is going to look on the surface selected (Canvas, Luster, Matte, etc…).

    4- Printing

    We use the latest in large format printers specifically designed for fine art printing. Our archival inks and canvas produce stunning results that are much more durable than ever before. Romeo Martin Photo Arts offers Canvas, Enhanced Matte and Somerset Velvet (100% cotton rag)

    5- Protective Spray

    All of our canvas prints are sprayed with a water based gloss UV protective liquid laminate. This adds additional durability and an estimated 35 years of archival life. The laminate cost is included in the canvas prints.

    Clear coating provides a 99% UV block as well as the necessary surface protection. It also provides sufficient protection for post embellishing or print enhancement.

    Is recommended for photographic and fine art reproductions that are going to be displayed without glass in order to protect the prints from the environmental contaminants.

    Clear coating is NOT optional for canvas output.


    For those that are not going to frame their prints, Romeo Martin Photo Arts  offers the option of Foam core mounting.

    7- STRETCHING (Just for Canvas)

    All of our stretching is done on site.

    Depending on how you’re going to display your canvas (with framing or hung stretched as is), your options for stretching need to be considered before final printing.

    Canvases are hand stretched on a rugged 2″ X 2″ frame and rigged with D-rings and 16 mil. wire


    FLAT paper and canvas prints can be rolled, tubed and shipped to you in a matter of days